about this blog

For starters, this is not our entire story this is a merely a glimpse of who we are. So please respect that we try to share who we are in a true manor, but we often might refrain from sharing things that are extremely personal.

I met my husband, Andy,  in high school and have been in love with him since I was 15. We are still madly in love and we owe it to prayer and laughter. God is our source for everything - He leads our lives. We are raising our 3 boys Rowan, Brinley, and Wrennyn the best we know how, we are continuing to find our way. We live in the Midwest and are a very active family. You will often find us jumping on the beds and talking much louder than any librarian would approve of. We try to create a fun and adventurous environment for our children. We love to laugh!

I would prefer to call this a journal more than a blog. It is my space. A place where I share my thoughts and emotions. A little home to things I like and things I want to remember. I wouldn't say that I am a mommy blog or style blog... I would just say, it is just who we are - all areas and whatever I see fit at the time. I, in no way, think that my ideas or views on parenting or any other subject are more special than anyone else's. I am just merely sharing about our journey and what we like and our experiences. I most likely wait until we are out of undies before I do laundry. I hate to cook. I often forget something on the way out the door. I am far from perfect. But I do have a great collection of tshirts. And jeans. I like interesting and unique clothing and furniture. I don't get impressed easily. I don't need much.

I do share a great deal about children's style - not because I feel that material things are important, but because I think style is a fun way to express yourself and children deserve to have this right. We are raising 3 boys and if at any time they decline from a photo or ask me not to share I will always respect that. I will not tolerate any hate against our boys and how they are dressed.

How we got our name: Ruffledsnob is a name I created when I was into Rachel Ashwell's design style - it is full of ruffles, linens, and beautiful soft fabrics. I have outgrown the name as my style evolved - but by then it had kind of stuck. I am a tad too nostalgic to change it right now, but who knows if it is something I will keep forever. As for Pirates and Peonies... that is because peonies are my favorite flower. This blog isn't just about me, it is about my entire world so my little pirates are the 4 boys who stole my heart and who fill it every single day. It was just a fun way to tie everything in my world together.

We use a dslr nikon d3000 (the lowest grade) I have a 1.4 mm fixed lens that I use almost all the time. I edit with Photoshop Elements. I have not been educated in either of these arenas it is all self taught and discovered by hobby. All instagram images are from my iphone5 and edited in VSCOcam unless then link back to our blog, in that case they may be dslr.

We love small businesses and have created many friends around the world through this blog! We hope to meet many more!

Note that I am a bit sarcastic and don't always word things the right way.
At times and my grammar and punctuation isn't always great. I do this on my own in my spare time some times life doesn't offer time for perfection(and let's be real I AM NOT A PERFECTIONIST) - however if you notice a very obvious typo or something that changes the meaning of a sentence please let me know!

I try to respond to emails best I can, but some times there is a delay or no real need for a response - please understand I am a mother and I have a job of my own, I am not always able to spend time on email - if it is a quick question feel free to interact with me on twitter!

The not so fun stuff you should know...

I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel are hurtful or disrespectful to my family. Not because you don't have the freedom of speech,  of course you have the right to say your opinion, but because you can write them on your own medias, NOT ON MINE. You have no right to come to our place and bash us. Just the same I would never walk into your home and tell you how to do things or say mean things about your family or how you see fit to raise your kids. So keep your snarky and mean comments somewhere else. Period.

I do not use this blog to make a living (my husband has a successful career and I am a hairstylist for a living), so it is a hobby. However, this is a monetary blog. I do at times do sponsored posts or product placement/ use affiliate links. Why? Simply because I love to share things and don't see the harm in getting credit for helping you discover wonderful new things too.  example: If I recommend a hair product to my clients at the salon and teach them how to use it or simply explain why I love it, I would be offended if they then went at bought it at Ulta or Sephora after taking my recommendation. It is simple, I educated them on something new and if they buy it from my salon I make a commission off of the sale. Affiliate links are much the same. Just as I would not ever tell a client to use a product that I didn't believe in I would not do that here as well just for a sale... that is silly! All links that I use are to items I have on my radar or that I see are very similar to items we already own.