helpful tidbits

what is the meaning behind your blog name?
when i came up with the name for the blog i wanted something that describes our family from the moment you hear it. i am such a girly girl! i obsess over floral prints, ruffles and fluff. i wanted the name to show the contrast of what life is like for me raising rambunctious, rowdy boys who have invaded my girly world. i call them pirates because they truly captured me and took my life over from the moment i laid eyes on them, and well, peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

what kind of camera do you use?
first let me state i am not a photographer, i just love beautiful moments so i try to capture them. that being said, i solely use my nikon d3000 with a 50 mm 1.4g lens. it is the lowest grade in the dslr but it does exactly what i intend for it to do, and the lens itself was about the cost of the camera body. i also post photos from my iphone 5

what do you use to edit?
i use photoshop elements 8 (PSE8). i have never taken any classes. anything i do was self-taught, learned on youtube, or got some great pointers from a designer friend of mine (who i keep on call at all times -hehe). i usually heighten the contrast, lighten the overall photo a bit, then adjust saturation levels and add a color over it as an "overlay" and put the opacity between 20-30 percent to change the tone to that color slightly. i don't know any technical terms nor do i know how to teach PSE to people, sorry. it is something i would love to take a class on! but i say just monkey with it until you find the look or effect that you like. as most people like bright and high contrast i tend to go more towards the vintage/ soft tones.

what apps do you use for instagram?
i usually use afterglow or vsco apps to edit my photos. all of them are taken on my iphone 5 unless otherwise noted. i use the square ready and phonto apps occasionally.

help for styling boys...
1. Be sure to incorporate or consider individual personality so they can be confident when they are wearing something.
2. Shoes! Unique boots, moccasins, and bright colors are always worth the investment. Plus, shoes make for great hand-me-downs considering pants and shirts often get worn out due to rough play.
3. You can't go wrong with stripes. They make layering so wonderful and can be subtle or loud depending on how you pair them.  
4. Buy 3-4 investment pieces each season. Use those unique items paired with the everyday brands/ staples to make them stand out.
5. Accessorize with cool backpacks, or other fun gear that they can carry around and hold onto all their little treasures with.

We are a monetized blog::
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We do use affiliate codes - all suggestions with these codes are things I would personally buy or acquire - I will not link to items that I do not stand behind or items I wouldn't personally wear/own/use.