How To Maximize Space In A Shared Children’s Bedroom

It’s a daunting and time-consuming task to maximize space in a shared children’s bedroom. A shared children’s bedroom is a necessity. When designing your children’s bedroom, it’s important to put shoes, school gear, toys, and clothing in respective sections. Note that minimalism is essential because you’ll only plan for necessities. Below are ideas that will help you enhance your children’s bedroom space to create a functional room.


Shelves can be a great idea of maximizing your kid’s bedroom space because you’ll store books and toys. The right shelve shouldn’t consume much of the space. It’s important to create shelves lower on the wall in order to minimize the stress of the shorter children when picking their essentials, such as toys and storybooks. Also, if your kid is taller, create a higher shelve to improve their efficiency.

Recently, due to high technology, there are various types of shelves with varying colors. Therefore, choose a shelve that matches your indoor decor to enhance your children’s bedroom aesthetic value. Please select the right size of shelves and install them artfully. Curate the shelve for each child and use their favorite color. This will improve the stylish of the room. When arranging items on the shelve, it’s essential to put into consideration the type, color, and shape of the object. This is helpful because your kids will easily trace their items, and it’s visually appealing.

Opt for Bunk Beds

Bunk beds play a significant role in making kid’s bedroom spacious. The main reason behind this is that bund beds use the vertical space leaving a free floor space. Therefore, this area can be used by your children to play, movement, and additional furniture. Bunk beds will also give you the opportunity to create other storage solutions not only around but also within the bed structure. When buying bunk beds, it’s important to select those that comprise cubes and drawers to maximize space efficiency. Consider hanging bags, hooks, and baskets off the bunks.

Select Double-Duty Pieces

When designing a shared children’s bedroom, consider using multifunctional furniture. Multifunctional furniture is items that can be used in more than one task. For instance, cushioned toy chests can be used as a storage option and also as a seat in a reading corner or a play table. Also, a wall unit can be used not only to store clothes, books, and knickknacks but also as a desk and dresser for your kids.

Design a Cubed Bedroom

A cubed bedroom is a good idea for a shared kid’s bedroom. Due to advanced technology and high competition in the market, there are numerous types, colors, and styles of cubes. Consider choosing a cube that will enhance your children’s bedroom to curb appeal. Cubes are flexible because they’re suitable when incorporating baskets and bins. Each child should have their cube and their respective objects. The portability of baskets will play a vital role when you are teaching your children how to clean their rooms.

Get Hooked

Hooks plays a significant role when effectively organizing items. Also, hooks improve the decoration in your children’s bedroom. Hooks increases the accessibility of various items. Currently, hooks are small in size, thus increasing space in your kid’s bedroom. Hang sacks and bags on each hook and label them. This is essential because it improves the ability to identify the contents.


A well-designed closet will help you maximize space in your kid’s bedroom. Choose a closet that will match with home decor. This will enhance the aesthetic value if the room. You can add pullout baskets, floating drawers, and shelving on the unused sections of the closet.


Above-listed is ideas on how to maximize space in a shared children’s bedroom (more at Pirates and Peonies).